Statements about Federal Budget

Says the federal government is spending $765,828 to subsidize "pancakes for yuppies" in Washington.

Says "we brought crime rate down by 30 percent" when he was mayor of Dallas.

Rick Santorum says Rick Perry requested 1,200 earmarks as governor of Texas.

Says that when Republicans held Congress and the presidency, they "doubled the size of the (U.S.) Department of Education."

Says taking millionaires off food stamps and unemployment would save $20 million.

Says Rick Santorum voted for the Bridge to Nowhere.

Says IBM leader told Obama that using IBM technology to cut fraud could "pay for" health care reform.

Says he did not support the October 2008 legislation to rescue Wall Street firms.

Says Ron Paul insisted FEMA should be shut down.

Says the national debt and President Barack Obama's "refusal to control spending led to our nation's credit rating being downgraded for the first time in history."

"Social Security doesn’t contribute a penny to the deficit."

"This past (legislative) session, we passed out of the Legislature a resolution requiring Congress to pass a balanced-budget amendment to the (U.S.) Constitution."

Says recent polls show Americans agree with Republicans that the federal debt ceiling should not be raised and the debt and deficit should be dealt with mostly by cutting spending.

Says Texas routinely gets "a lot more federal spending" than it pays in taxes.

"I stopped requesting earmarks in 2008."

"All but one of the 50 states already have some form of a balanced budget amendment in their state constitutions."

Says that in his first 17 months as president, the United States doubled its world-leading $500 million a year commitment to fighting global AIDS.

On an earmark moratorium.

"The (federal) debt is growing by more than $4 billion a day."

"Donna Campbell has called for ending all federal funding for education"

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