Statements about Foreign Policy

Says three Ukrainians recently captured on a West Texas ranch are among "individuals from countries that have strong terrorist ties being apprehended" near the state’s border with Mexico.

Our "trade with Mexico is $720 million a day; that’s our No. 1 trading partner."

Says President Barack Obama was responsible for "the assassination of at least four American citizens" in drone strikes.

The White House had a live video feed of the Benghazi attacks as they occurred.

Louie Gohmert of Texas "compared the current general-in-charge in Egypt to George Washington."

Says Chuck Hagel’s nomination as defense secretary "has been publicly celebrated by the Iranian government."

Says he "has repeatedly praised Chuck Hagel’s character, patriotism, bravery, and personal service defending our nation."

Says the Obama administration plans to ban all weapons for U.S. citizens through international treaties.

Says U.S. is giving seven Alaskan islands to Russia.

"Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are negotiating with the United Nations about doing a treaty that will ban the use of firearms."

"Eric Holder is supportive of the NAACP's efforts to get the United Nations involved in our elections."

Says Barack Obama "began his presidency going on a worldwide apology tour."

"When you sanction the Iranian central bank, that will shut down (Iran's) economy."

Says Rick Perry "wanted to secede from the union."

"The Arab and the Muslim nations get twice as much money as Israel."

Says that in his first 17 months as president, the United States doubled its world-leading $500 million a year commitment to fighting global AIDS.

"Today almost half our debt is owned by foreigners."

"In Rick Perry's Texas, the governor threatens to leave, to secede from the greatest country in the" world.

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