Statements about Immigration

Says that Mitt Romney, while he was in Arizona, said he believes the state’s SB 1070 immigration law should be the model for national immigration laws.

A Dallas proof-of-insurance ordinance resulted in area tow lots mostly filling with the cars of illegal residents.

Says Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz "opposes the DREAM Act, which is supported by 85% of Latinos."

Says the Obama administration catches and releases nonviolent illegal immigrants.

President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid support Rick Perry’s "decision to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants."

Says Rick Perry wrote a newspaper item saying he was "open to amnesty" for illegal immigrants in the United States.

Says Rick Perry "supported a guest worker program to help people who would otherwise be illegal aliens."

"Every month, another 50,000 U.S.-born Hispanics turn 18 and become eligible to vote."  

Says that in 2001, Rick Perry spoke favorably of binational health insurance between Mexico and Texas.

Says only four Texas legislators voted against a law giving in-state tuition rates to certain illegal immigrants.

Says Rick Perry "provided in-state tuition... for illegal immigrants."

On applying prosecutorial discretion to immigration cases.

Says states that passed anti-illegal-immigrant legislation also had few Hispanic legislators.

Says Rick Perry "turned down our invitation to meet" President Barack Obama in El Paso.

The "six largest cities in Ohio all have higher rates of violence and crime than every major city along the U.S.-Mexico border."

Says that during the first 19 months of the Obama administration, the U.S. detained people from nations designated as state sponsors of terrorism on the southwestern border.

"In Mexico, they don't have birth certificates... they don’t have registration cards for voters. They have one national ID."

"Last year, out of the 500,000 (in) population growth we had in the state of Texas, about 250,000 of the 500,000 came to Texas... from the other 49 states."

"In the last five years, 28,000 people have been killed along the U.S.-Mexico border."

Once people become citizens under the DREAM Act "and turn 21, they can sponsor their illegal immigrant parents for legalization."

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