Statements about Message Machine 2010

Patrick Rose "voted to explore a state income tax."

Rick Perry is "taking money away from hurricane victims" and diverting it to "remodel the Governor's Mansion."

Says Lloyd Doggett voted for the health care, stimulus and cap-and-trade bills.

"Rick Perry has become a millionaire on the public payroll."

Says state Rep. Patrick Rose votes 90 percent with liberals, backed the state's largest tax increase, proposed nearly $15 billion in government spending and supported "Obama-style government-run health care system for Texas."

"Houston suffered $1.7 billion in operating losses under Mayor Bill White."

"When Washington liberals wanted to take away our guns, Chet said no."

Says Republican opponent Jason Isaac is peddling a plan meaning Texans "would pay the highest sales taxes in America, up to 14.5 percent."

"I said no to these big bank bailouts."

"Perry pushed for a law that lets insurance companies raise homeowners’ rates without having to justify the increase."

PolitiFact Texas says "Congressman Edwards' attacks on Bill Flores are false."

Rick Perry thinks "injecting 11- and 12-year-old girls with a controversial drug (the HPV vaccine), without a parent's consent, is a good idea."

Says the U.S. Constitution provides for just compensation when land is taken under eminent domain.

"Austin politicians want to cram more kids into classrooms so they don't have to make the tough decisions to balance the budget."

"We've created more than 850,000 jobs, more than all the other states combined."

Says opponent Bill Flores helped run a company that laid off over 3,000 workers and paid off executives with millions.

Says the Republican “state convention is actually larger than the Republican National Convention.”

"There are 321,092 public school teachers in Texas. And there are 313,850 non-teachers in our public schools."

"Bill White used D.C. connections from his job in the Clinton administration to form a company that did business in the Middle East and defaulted on a $60 million loan."

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