Statements about State Finances

Says Texas public school funding grew three times the rate of enrollment from 2002 to 2012.

Says Texas is "dead last in support for mental health."

Says Texas lawmakers last year expanded public education’s share of state spending.

Says a portfolio managed by the Texas General Land Office earned 22 percent last year while the state’s emergency reserve account experienced a 1 percent gain.  

The 2011 Legislature did not cut Texas public school funding.

Says she balanced a $10 billion budget shortfall without raising taxes.

Says he signed legislation leading to 12 Texas abortion clinics being closed.

Says 282 Texas school districts have requested emergency waivers to increase elementary school class sizes because of "unprecedented fiscal challenges."

Says Rick Perry cut taxes.

Says Rick Perry increased spending in Texas by more than 50 percent.

Says that illegal immigrants get a $100,000 break on University of Texas tuition over four years.

Says "Rick Perry doubled spending in a decade."

Says Texas has "the fourth-lowest debt per capita of any state in the nation, and we are the lowest of any of the big states."

Says Texas is the only state that exempts jet fuel from its state motor fuels tax.

Says $6 billion projected to accumulate in the state’s rainy day fund is already used.

Says the 2012-13 state budget "leaves $6 billion in a rainy day fund."

Says Rick Perry of Texas was "the governor who relied most on stimulus funds to close his state’s budget deficit in 2010."

Says Rick Perry said there’s an administrator for every teacher in Texas public schools.

Says this month’s special session will cost the state $27,300 a day just for legislators’ daily living expenses.

Says public education will get more money in 2012-13 though lawmakers cut $15 billion in overall spending.

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