Statements about Taxes

"Obama has (a) new Christmas tree tax."

Says that under his tax plan, "no matter where you are in the stratosphere, you're going to be getting a tax cut."

Says "tanking" Rick Perry’s federal tax plan has "huge tax cuts for rich people and big tax hikes for everyone else."

Says "our taxes have doubled" with Rick Perry in office.

Rick Perry "has advocated abandoning Social Security, scuttling Medicaid and ending the federal income tax."

Says Texas is the only state that exempts jet fuel from its state motor fuels tax.

Says he's signed a pledge not to raise taxes four times.

Says the Austin City Council "may give $4 million a year to subsidize a race track."

Says businesses "already pay most of the taxes."

Says Texas routinely gets "a lot more federal spending" than it pays in taxes.

Says the state’s budget shortfall is "not that much different" than it was in 2003.

Says a "rather extraordinary amount of non-classroom employees" were added by Texas school districts over the last decade.

Says the state’s rainy day fund is "our insurance policy against a major natural disaster."  

Says taxes paid by the poorest residents of Texas are above the national average.

Says families now pay out 40 percent of their income to taxes.

Says that over the last decade, the state's population grew three times faster than the Texas state tax system.

Says that "data from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities suggest that the Texas budget gap is worse than New York’s, about as bad as California’s, but not quite up to New Jersey levels."

"The richest 1 percent of America will get a bigger tax cut through this bill than the family income of the average family here in Central Texas."

Says he has a track record of not raising taxes.

"Paul Workman wants to raise the sales tax."

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