Articles from October, 2007

A cancer ad gone wrong for Rudy

Surviving his own cancer scare doesn't protect Giuliani from drawing fire over disputed statistics.

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Why Romney likes No Child Left Behind

Mitt Romney backs the Bush administration's key education accountability reforms, saying that high-stakes testing has worked wonders for his state.

The "blank check" brouhaha

Obama and Clinton argue about Iran, but they agree on most aspects of U.S. policy.


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The perils of public financing

Bill Richardson and other critics overstate the drawbacks of John Edwards' decision to take public financing

Thompson torn on torts

Update: Fred Thompson has a mixed record on tort reform. He's opposed some bills because of his preference for states' rights, but supported others.

Sly ad attacks Romney

A gay Republican group attacks Romney with his own record.

A divide over fences

To illustrate his concerns about a fence between the United States and Mexico, Bill Richardson cites problems with the Great Wall of China and the Berlin Wall. But the history of those famous fences is not so clear.

Read the Clinton e-mail

To read the Clinton-Gold Star Mothers e-mail, click here.

Mud in your inbox

A Special Report: Chain e-mails spread rumors about candidates at warp speed. But they often distort the truth, as we found with one that falsely claims Hillary Clinton refused to meet with the Gold Star Mothers.

Suggestions from our readers

Our special report on chain e-mails was suggested by several readers who had received the Clinton and Obama e-mails. If you have a suggestion for facts we should check, click here to email us.

Taking off the gloves in Orlando

The Republican candidates mixed it up during a lively debate in Orlando. They stretched the truth on crime and defense, while Huckabee was Pants-On-Fire wrong about the Founding Fathers.

Thompson's first role: factory worker

To counter his history in Hollywood and Washington, he tells of growing up in rural Tennessee.

Biden: Richardson used to like my plan

Just below the frontrunners, two Democrats tussle over Iraq.

Never say never

Edwards bans Washington lobbyist money, but not all lobbyist money.

Keeping it simple, sometimes wrong

The candidates from both parties want to distill the SCHIP debate into nuggets that satisfy their base voters.

Still fighting the last war

Sen. John McCain has a history of attacking 'earmarked' spending, but his facts are in the past, too.

Clinton health claims a stretch

A campaign ad is accurate on Clinton's support for reserve troops and 9/11 workers, but inflates her stature on health care.

Unfair grades for rural schools

Courting rural voters, Edwards paints a (too) bleak picture of their schools as he pushes reforms.

McCain overbids on eBay

The Republicans clashed on taxes, the economy and Iraq during a debate in Dearborn, Mich. They fumbled a few facts along the way.

'Class and sass'

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Chris Satullo gives us a nice plug in his Sunday column , saying our site is "done with both class and sass. PolitiFact renders serious reporting with a sense of humor that helps even dry issue assessments stick in the voter's mind."

Romney's nuances on gay issues

Mitt Romney has consistently opposed gay marriage, but he changed positions on a constitutional amendment on civil unions.

Beating Kucinich to the base

When catering to the Democratic Party's left-wing base, it's hard to get there first.

McCain's tough Iraq straddle

An unwavering advocate of the war, he reminds voters he has criticized the White House for its strategies.

Romney energy claim unrealistic

Romney's energy goals are ambitious but not practical.

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Democrats race to oppose Iraq most

To stand out in the field of Iraq opponents, the Democratic candidates are angling to be first or best or most opposed.

Behind the Meter

An explanation of our Truth-O-Meter rulings, from True to Pants on Fire