Articles from January, 2008

Showdown in Simi Valley

We check the facts from the Republican debate and again find John McCain is incorrect when he says Mitt Romney supported a timetable to withdraw from Iraq.

FACT SHEET: Economic policy

We check out the latest on President Bush's economic stimulus package and where the candidates stand on economic issues.

So long, Mayor Giuliani

The ever quotable Rudy Giuliani gave PolitiFact lots of things to check this election season. Here's a look back at highlights from the Giuliani file. We mark John Edwards' departure as well.

Another flap over flip-flops

John McCain makes fun of Mitt Romney for changing positions on abortion and gun control. McCain's jibes may not be polite, but they are accurate.

McCain's last-minute attack about Iraq

In an attack shortly before voters headed to the polls in Florida, John McCain brings up Iraq, saying Mitt Romney urges a withdrawal date. But we find Romney won't set a timetable for leaving.

Fumbled facts in Florida

We find some exaggerations and mistakes at the Republican debate in Boca Raton.

Adding up the Fair Tax

Mike Huckabee says a national Fair Tax will be like a "magic wand." We say magic wands don't exist.

He said, she said

The Democratic debate in Myrtle Beach featured sharp comments by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. We found Clinton continued to distort Obama's comments about Ronald Reagan, while other claims were closer to the truth.

The military signing bonus squabble

Hillary Clinton says the Pentagon is trying to take away the signing bonuses of soldiers who get wounded in combat and that she's part of an effort in Congress to end the practice. But her words are somewhat misleading.

Rudy's Florida pitch

In a TV ad aimed at voters in Florida, Rudy Giuliani makes claims about cutting taxes, welfare reform and a national insurance fund. We find he's mostly right on two, but wrong on the other.

McCain's POW record attacked, again

In a flashback to 2000, Sen. John McCain faces unfounded allegations about his past. This time, a flyer from the Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain alleges he's a traitor.

Pulling punches in Vegas

The Democratic candidates held a friendly chit-chat in Las Vegas. We found they got some facts right and stretched the truth with a few others.

The fight over 'amnesty'

Heading into the South Carolina primaries this month, immigration is a hot topic in the Republican race. Specifically, Sen. John McCain's role and the issue of "amnesty."

FACT SHEET: Immigration

A breakdown of the immigration issue, including candidate-by-candidate positions.

The "Fairy Tale" Fracas

A Clinton attack on Barack Obama's Iraq record turns into a campaign brawl. We look at what's a fairy tale and what's not.

E-mail slams Obama on religion, race

An anonymous e-mail says Barack Obama belongs to a racist, anti-American church. We find that the church teaches black empowerment, not racism, and that it claims Africa as its ethnic heritage. We also find, yet again, that Obama isn't Muslim.

Send a debate question

St. Petersburg Times Editor Paul Tash is a moderator at the Jan. 24 GOP presidential debate in Boca Raton, and he wants to make sure your concerns are addressed. If you have a question in mind for the candidates, time to step up to the mike! Click here to send your question.

Giuliani's energy juggernaut

Rudy Giuliani makes a case that the United States lags behind foreign nations when it comes to energy infrastructure. But he overstates the foreign energy juggernaut and ignores enormous energy investments at home.

Obama targets Cayman 'tax scam'

A building in the Cayman Islands houses thousands of corporations. Sen. Barack Obama calls it "the biggest tax scam on record." But until legislation currently proposed by Obama and others becomes law, it isn't.


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What should we check?

Our story about the Obama chain e-mail was suggested by a PolitiFact reader. If you have a suggestion for facts or chain e-mails we should check, click here to email us.

Examining their Senate records

Wondering what Obama has accomplished in the Senate? Here's our examination of the candidates' Senate accomplishments, which was prompted by a New Year's Eve attack by Sen. Joe Biden.

Who's the candidate of change?

It's a matter of opinion which Democratic front-runner is the candidate of change, but here are some PolitiFact rulings that might help you decide.

Anti-Mormon screed targets Romney

A strident letter attacks Romney's religion and argues -- falsely -- that Mormons want to rescind the U.S. Constitution.

Two parties, one night

We find some truth, some exaggerations and a Pants-on-Fire falsehood at the dual debates in New Hampshire.

Dual debates

We're checking facts from the dual debates in New Hampshire. We've got our first item posted on the left, about Rudy Giuliani's misleading claim on defense. We'll have others posted as we get them checked.

Romney's tax claim against McCain

Romney says McCain has flip-flopped on the Bush tax cuts. He's right, but McCain has an explanation.

Mitt's mutt mauls Mike

The campaign has its first attack dog - and he's right! Check out our fact-check of Spike's attack in the lower left of this page.

Goodbye, Joe

PolitiFact bids farewell to Joe Biden, the only two-time winner of our coveted "Pants on Fire!" rating.

Huckabee ad aired

Amid much fanfare, Mike Huckabee last week announced he was refusing to air a negative ad attacking Mitt Romney. But our friends at have discovered the ad has aired at least 10 times.

Huckabee's 'liberal' problem

No one doubts Mike Huckabee's sincerity as a social conservative, but his sympathy tax hikes and government programs haunts him.