Articles from December, 2009

Our wildest and wackiest claims of 2009

PolitiFact staffers choose the silliest and most unusual claims of the past year.

PolitiFact's Top 10 pundit checks for 2009

Political pundits helped shape the national debate on topics ranging from the economic stimulus to health care. Here's 10 of our favorites this year.

The Truth-O-Meter and the health care debate of 2009

When it came to statements on health care, the Truth-O-Meter found lots of distortions.

Our readers' top 10

Our fact-check of Joe Wilson's "You lie!" tops the list of our readers' top 10 Truth-O-Meter items.

PolitiFact's Five Surprising "True" ratings

With our Lie of the Year, we focused on the biggest falsehoods of 2009. But we also want to highlight our findings at the other end of the Truth-O-Meter.

It is a special deal for Ben Nelson and Nebraska

Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson insists he didn't get a special deal for his state, but we call that False.

In 2009, the truth took a beating

We tally our Truth-O-Meter ratings from 2009 and find truth was a casualty of the political discourse.

Mailbag: Lie of the Year edition

We review the write-in votes from our Lie of the Year survey. We get an earful.

PolitiFact's Lie of the Year: 'Death panels'

Sarah Palin's claim about the health care bill is the top choice of PolitiFact editors -- and readers.

And the runners-up ...

Sarah Palin's "death panels" is the Lie of the Year. Here are the runners-up.

The winter of discontent for Obama's poll numbers

Conservative pundit Karl Rove says Obama's approval numbers are at a record low. The historic record supports that.

Obama's campaign promises: An update

We've updated many promises on the Obameter recently. Here's a quick guide to the most notable.

There's no safety in jobless numbers

We check two Democratic claims on unemployment and the economy and find distortions.

Climate change e-mails and Copenhagen

We review the controversy over hacked e-mails and check the facts of the climate change skeptics.

Vote now for 'Lie of the Year'!

We ask you to weigh in on what you think was the most significant falsehood of 2009.

TARP money, the stimulus and the law

A Republican says Obama's plan to spend TARP money on an economic stimulus is unlawful, but the experts say Congress can make it so.

Union chief visits Obama more than Hillary? Nope.

Glenn Beck said a labor leader visits the White House more than anyone, but a little research easily debunks that.

Checking facts on Afghanistan

Debate heats up as Obama orders a troop increase.

Obameter finds more promises Stalled

As we dig deeper into Obama's campaign promises, we find more of them have little or no progress.

Beck wrong on Cabinet's private sector experience

The talk show host repeats a line from the blogosphere that fewer than 10 percent of Obama Cabinet members have private sector experience. But his number is way off.

Was Ronald Reagan a Republican?

Liberal commentator Keith Olbermann said even Reagan couldn't meet new conservative standards promoted by the Republican Party. We scrutinize the record and find it's actually a tough call.

Mission: Afghanistan

As President Obama prepares for a major address on the war in Afghanistan, we review his campaign promises on the issue.