Articles from November, 2009

Lou Dobbs on the Flip-O-Meter

We check out Lou Dobb's recent interview on Telemundo to determine if he's changed his views on illegal immigration.

Mailbag: 'Your Truth-O-Meter needs repair'

Readers share their thoughts on the public option, Obama's Nobel, and pundits Glenn Beck and Rachel Maddow.

Obama's Top 25 Promises: A Progress Report

We look at the promises we've deemed the most significant and see where they stand.

Mailbag: Readers give thanks, and criticism

Readers tell us what they think about Sarah Palin, the Copenhagen Treaty and health care reform.

Tracking stimulus dollars gets tricky

We fact-check two statements from a Republican congressman about stimulus spending.

Another chain e-mail, another Pants on Fire

A chain e-mail claims the cap-and-trade bill would require people to retrofit their homes for energy efficiency. We find -- surprise! -- the chain e-mail is wrong.

Health care bill or 'War & Peace' -- which is longer?

Republican Orrin Hatch says the Democratic health care bill is longer than War and Peace . We count the words.

A chain e-mail full of praise

An American Studies professor listed 90 accomplishments of the Obama administration and sent it to some Democratic friends, but the list went viral. We take a look to see if it's accurate.

Job numbers on need a warning label

In a single project on, we found good info, but also a lack of context and a major clerical error.

Abortion and the Stupak amendment, cont'd.

We check Ed Rendell's claim that the Stupak amendment would bar employees of small businesses that receive tax credits from getting abortion coverage.

Fact-checking new claims in the Sarah Palin book

We examine Sarah Palin's claims on the Reagan recession, cap and trade and the McCain tactics on ACORN.

Fact-checking Sarah Palin as she goes 'Rogue'

We examine Sarah Palin's book Going Rogue and put it to the Truth-O-Meter.

Are they vaccinating detainees at Gitmo?

We examine some of the claims about vaccines being given to detainees at the camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Counting votes on abortion

Rep. Loretta Sanchez said the House of Representatives does not have a majority for abortion rights. We check her math.

Health promises stall

We add promises on reproductive care and allowing people to shop for health plans like members of Congress. Both get rated Stalled.

Health care reform and the abortion amendment

Abortion opponents put greater restrictions in the House bill. We sort out the details.

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Play PolitiFact Bingo!

We've created a game based on the health care debate! Just mark off a square each time you hear one of these falsehoods!

GOP health care reform: A simple explanation

Our handy guide to the Republican alternative on health care reform.

GOP health bill analysis meets the Truth-O-Meter

A Republican rebuttal to the House health care bill includes a number of distortions.

One year after Grant Park, a look at promises

One year after Barack Obama declared victory in Grant Park in Chicago, he's earned a mixed record on our Obameter.

Do polls show 'majority support' for health plan?

Obama aide claims lots of support. But a sampling of polls show that's a stretch.