Articles from February, 2010

Health care reform: A simple explanation, updated

We summarize the latest versions of the Democratic and Republican health care reform plans.

GOP health care reform: A simple explanation, updated

We revisit our analysis of the Republican health care plan to cover the latest updates.

Fact-checking Obama's bipartisan health care reform meeting

We're watching the president's health care summit with our Truth-O-Meter handy.

The nuclear options

Harry Reid says science has settled the question of what to do with nuclear waste. It hasn't.

The stimulus is funding what?

Republican leaders in Congress have put out lists of stimulus projects that they say are wasteful or unrelated to creating jobs. We took a look to see if the projects were as billed.

A stimulus report card

One year after the passage of the economic stimulus, we assess how many jobs have been created and how much money has gotten into the economy.

The Sunday Veepstakes

Current and former vice presidents faced off on the Sunday news shows, and we check the facts.

Obama's budget reshapes the U.S. space agenda

President Barack Obama's 2011 budget changes priorities for space exploration. We measure the moves against his campaign promises.

Hundreds of terror suspects tried in federal courts?

We uncover the facts behind the numbers and find it's easy to cherry-pick.

Checking the numbers on the economy

The White House released its 2010 economic report, the Republicans responded, and we checked the facts.

Fact-checking O'Reilly's interview of Jon Stewart

The Daily Show host is grilled in the "No Spin Zone." We check a couple of the facts.

Palin says transparency meeting was behind closed doors

We examine Sarah Palin's claim that Vice President Biden met with the transparency board behind closed doors.

Checking Palin's claims from Tea Party

We fact-check some of Sarah Palin's claims from her speech to the Tea Party convention and her weekend interviews.

Having their cake ... 'and voting against it, too'

We check Obama's claim that Republicans voted against the economic stimulus and then boasted about the programs it provided.

The Obameter moves in both directions

With Obama now pursuing a tax credit for companies that add jobs, we change Promise No. 505 from Broken to In the Works.

Scott Brown faces the Truth-O-Meter

The senator-elect claims that federal employees make twice as much as private-sector workers. We check the facts.

'Don't ask, don't tell' promise now In the Works

After a year of inaction, the administration begins to change policy on gays in the military. We change our rating.

Will health care reform knock $1 trillion off deficit?

President Obama claimed health care reform could reduce the federal deficit by as much as $1 trillion over 20 years. We find the number is based on some shaky long-term estimates.