Perry's White House claim disconnected from reality

Rick Perry interview on Fox News.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who seems to relish bashing Washington, suggested a complete lack of outreach by President Barack Obama and the White House in a Fox News Channel interview aired July 13.

Speaking to anchor Neil Cavuto, Perry said: "We don"t get a lot of calls from this White House." Asked about his relations with the Democrat"s administration, the Republican governor said: "I have, frankly, never had a call from them."

Perry"s remarks came after Cavuto asked the governor about federal plans to push afresh for a moratorium on the drilling of deep-water oil wells. According to a transcript posted online by Fox News, Cavuto said: "Did they consult on this? Did they consult you on this, sir, did anyone ..."

Perry: "They don't..."

Cavuto: " this, ‘Hey, we ought to give Rick Perry a call on this?""

Perry: "We don't get a lot of calls from this White House."

Cavuto: "Really? How would you describe your relations with the Obama administration?"

Perry: "You know, I have, frankly, never had a call from them. So they may have checked in at some staff levels that I'm not aware of."

Could that be true? PolitiFact Texas checked the facts.