Pants on Fire in California; Barely True in Alabama

Fiorina blasts Boxer for caring more about "the weather" than about terrorists.

Tuesday's California primary has spawned lots of TV and Web ads, particularly in the race for the Republican nomination for governor. We've checked many of them as part of our Message Machine partnership with National Public Radio.

On our segment on NPR's Weekend Sunday today, we featured three California ads, plus the soon-to-be-a-classic Dale Peterson ad in the race for Alabama agriculture commissioner:

• Steve Poizner earned a Half True for his claim that Meg Whitman opened a separate division of eBay to sell porn.

• Meg Whitman earned a False for her claim that Poizner's budget as insurance commissioner went up 14 percent.

• Carly Fiorina earned a Pants on Fire for her claim that Barbara Boxer was more concerned with weather than terrorism as a threat to national security

• Dale Peterson got a BarelyTrue for his claim that he served as a Marine during Vietnam.