A letter from an unhappy PolitiFact reader

The mail's here! And much of it (though not all) is chilly about our items.
The mail's here! And much of it (though not all) is chilly about our items.

Editor's Note: We don't typically publish entire letters, but this complaint from an unhappy PolitiFact reader was one of the most heartfelt we've seen.

You guys never get it right.  If you're not giving the liberal a pass, then you're letting a conservative off the hook. If you're not bashing a Democrat, then you're demonizing a Republican.  I've never seen a single rating you've generated that 100% of the public can believe.  What good are you if you cannot achieve a complete consensus?

We know what to expect from Fox, and we usually can guess how left wing yakkers will react, but you guys are all over the ballpark.  I'll just bet those independent minded, wishy-washy non-partisan thinkers really lap your stuff up. They simply love a well-reasoned argument based on facts, instead of a good meaningless one-upped sound bite.

Bah! Humbug! Give me a good spun-out, one-sided viewpoint any day - one that I know ahead of time how it will be made - either clearly in well-spoken agreement with me, or unmitigated bias against the values that I hold to be near and dear.

I don't like no surprises.  I don't like to addle my brain with new ideas.  And I certainly don't want to have my pre-conceptions about events, issues and persons questioned.

Leave me alone. Stop making me think. Your lack of political slant is starting to become addictive. Next thing you know, I'll be asking questions instead of proclaiming what "the American people want" or "what all reasonable persons believe" or even "what is in the best interest of America's future."

-- Wayne Williams, Malvern, Penn.