Strong claims about euthanizing dogs in Illinois

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, in a tight race for another term, attacked Republican challenger Bill Brady for sponsoring a bill on pet euthanasia

Illinois is famous for its rough and tumble politics, but Gov. Pat Quinn still managed to turn heads with a new TV ad that says his Republican rival, state Sen. Bill Brady, wanted to make it easier to put pets to death.

With creepy music in the background, the ad shows grainy images of dogs being forced into a chamber. As the dogs are put in, the soundtrack suggests the dogs are screeching and howling with fear.

Words superimposed over the images of the dogs say, "Just two days after Bill Brady won the primary for governor, Sen. Bill Brady's first priority was to sponsor a bill that would mass-euthanize sheltered dogs and cats in gas chambers."

It continues, "Bill Brady's law would undo a deal worked out over two years by veterinarians, Farm Bureau and Illinois' Humane Society." The ad cuts to shots of people with their pets denouncing the bill and Brady's role in it.

"Shame on Bill Brady!" says a woman holding a fluffy white dog. "I'm a Republican, but I don't support him for the mass euthanization of animals." We checked the facts and rated the claim Half True.