Articles from March, 2011

President Obama's failed foreclosure fund

A tale of a campaign promise moving from Promise Kept to Compromise to Broken

Fact-checking Michele Bachmann's numbers

At the Conservative Principles PAC Conference in Iowa, Rep. Michele Bachmann set herself apart from the other prospective GOP presidential candidates with a slide show of numbers critical of the Obama administration. Some of them we've checked before. But there was a new one that caught our eye, a claim that there has been just one new oil drilling permit under the Obama administration.

Have U.S. troops ever been under foreign control?

On Sean Hannity's show, Karl Rove said it had never happened. But we uncovered lots of examples over the last century, starting with the Boxer Rebellion.

GOP moving the needle on Pledge-O-Meter

Rules changes instituted by Republicans when they took control of Congress in January were one thing. How have they played out?

Did Obama, Gingrich Flip-Flop on Libya?

We put President Barack Obama and one of his potential challengers in 2012, Newt Gingrich, to the Flip-O-Meter to gauge the consistency of their views on military action in Libya.

One year later: Some truths, some half-truths

One year after President Obama signed the health care law, we examine some of the truths and half-truths.

One year later: the falsehoods continue

We review 10 big distortions on the health care law's one-year anniversary.

The Truth-O-Meter welcomes Tim Pawlenty

Tim Pawlenty announced a first move toward running for president in 2012. We review a few fact-checks we've already written about him and anticipate many more.

Arab alliance against Gadhafi: How unusual?

As airstrikes target Libya, we look at how rare it is for Arab nations to join an alliance against a fellow Arab leader.

Checking on the GOP's constitutional promise

In a nod to Tea Party supporters, House Republican leaders promised to require constitutional justifications with every bill. We check to see if the promise has been kept.

Progress, and a setback, for GOP health care promises

We use our GOP Pledge-O-Meter to rate the progress on the Republicans' health care promises. It's two steps forward, one step back.

Checking the gauge on oil claims

Defending his energy policy in a press conference,  President Barack Obama made several claims about oil production and a decreasing reliance on foreign imports. We check the things Obama said, and then rate one of his campaign promises broken for something he didn't say.

Tales of light bulbs, gas prices and spilled milk

We examine recent claims about government regulation and find that sometimes the claims outrun the facts.  

Remembering David Broder and his passion for fact-checking

The legendary Washington Post political writer was an early promoter of fact-checking.

The Truth-O-Meter on Huckabee's claims about single mothers

The former Arkansas governor says it's a "statistical reality that most single moms are very poor, under-educated, can't get a job, and if it weren't for government assistance, their kids would be starving to death." We check the facts.

President Obama's promise to close Guantanamo Bay Detention Center: Broken

After more than two years in office, and on the heels of policy changes, we find the possibility that President Obama will keep his promise to close the controversial detention center in Cuba is even more remote now than when his presidency began. 

Bachmann's $105 billion charge: Was the funding secret?

Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann made a startling charge on "Meet the Press" -- that the Democratic-backed health care law included $105 billion in "secret" spending. Was she right?

When should Supreme Court justices recuse themselves?

Rep. Anthony Weiner and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly jousted whether Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should recuse himself from a case on the health care law. We talk with experts to get the facts.

Wisconsin budget crisis inspires national ads

We fact-check an ad that says workers are losing while corporations get tax breaks.

Your guide to the Wisconsin budget debate

The Wisconsin budget battle has kept the Truth-O-Meter busy. Here's a guide to the main claims from each side and how we've rated them.

Did Wendy's founder flee Ohio 'on his deathbed'?

An Ohio state legislator claimed that Wendy's founder Dave Thomas left the state and fled to Florida as he was dying to avoid the estate tax. PolitiFact Ohio put the claim to the Truth-O-Meter.

Chain e-mail on Gabrielle Giffords doesn't hold up

Did she really say that the military should stab or club the enemy "in order to minimize the carbon output"? Only in a satirist's mind.