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A contest for our 5,000th: Predict our 10,000th

We're celebrating our 5,000th Truth-O-Meter fact-check!
We're celebrating our 5,000th Truth-O-Meter fact-check!

To celebrate our 5,000th Truth-O-Meter item, we're having a contest to let you predict our 10,000th.

So look into the future and predict what factual claim we will check in 2016. We're looking for the funniest and most creative entries. Authors of the best five will receive PolitiFact merchandise.

Send your entries to [email protected]

Here are a few ideas from the PolitiFact staff to get your creative juices going. Remember that we're looking for claims we will fact-check four years from now:

Hillary Clinton > "President Romney traveled the world and apologized for America." 

Michele Bachmann > "Free birth control is a government takeover of sex."

Gail Collins > "President Romney shipped Danny Boy, the presidential dog, to the family vacation compound in Maine in a crate lashed to the fuselage of Air Force One."

Newt Gingrich > "Preparations for the moon colony are on schedule and under budget." 

Enter early and often! We'll announce the winners soon!