Articles from July, 2012

Is the Walmart family wealthier than 40 percent of the United States?

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders keeps tweeting about the wealth gap.

Is President Obama keeping his campaign promise on AIDS and HIV?

Last week's International AIDS Conference prompted us to crank up the Obameter, our database of the president's campaign promises.

Mailbag: ‘Get out of your parents’ basement and into the real world!’

We offer readers another chance to vent about -- or praise -- our coverage of recent political statements.

As Olympics open, a super PAC attack against Romney

A Democratic super PAC produced a snarky ad with Olympic imagery that charges Mitt Romney outsourced jobs and used offshore accounts for his personal finances. We've put two of the claims to the Truth-O-Meter.

GOP promise to repeal Obamacare blocked by Democrats

When Republicans took control of the House in 2010, they vowed to "repeal and place" Obamacare. Here's a look at how they've fared on our Pledge-O-Meter on that promise and others involving health care.

How does U.S. gun violence compare?

In the wake of the Aurora shootings, we fact-check some claims about gun violence in the United States.

Falsehoods and half-truths in debate on gun control

No, Obama and Hillary Clinton are not negotiating a U.N. treaty to ban handguns and no, you don't have to list your guns on your 1040.

Will Barack Obama be outraised by Mitt Romney?

Counting the dollars is no easy task, and November’s a long way off.

Romney, RNC correct about Obama golfing, jobs meetings

The RNC and Mitt Romney say that over the past six months President Barack Obama had time for fundraisers and golf, but there were no meetings of his jobs council. We check the numbers and find they are on target.

In context: Obama's ‘you didn't build that' comment

Mitt Romney and his allies have seized on President Barack Obama's comment in a speech that "if you've got a business, you didn't build that." Here's a longer version of what Obama said.

Checking the facts about Romney and Bain Capital

Our handy guide to help you sort out the truth about Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.

'Obamanomics Explained' is not a PolitiFact chart

Someone is misusing our logo and spreading this image on Facebook. It is not a PolitiFact chart.

Obama's transparency record: lots of data, not as much sunlight

As a candidate, Barack Obama promised the most open presidency in history. Our Obameter ratings reveal he's made lots of progress posting data but has had difficulty resisting the Washington urge to conduct business behind closed doors.

The Obameter report card on transparency promises

As a candidate, Barack Obama promised unprecedented transparency in the White House. We put his promises to the Obameter.

Do dog catchers have to release their tax returns?

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said Mitt Romney "couldn’t be confirmed as a dog catcher" because he has refused to release multiple years of tax returns. We check the requirements for dog catchers and others in government.

Outside spending groups take to the airwaves

We fact-check TV ads on Iran and health care.

MoveOn gets its facts wrong on Florida's voter purge

A fundraising email from said Florida Gov. Rick Scott "tried to kick 180,000 people off the voter rolls" and "every one" of the state's supervisors of election resisted him. Both statements are wrong.

Stretching the truth (again!) on health care

We put new claims about the health care law to the Truth-O-Meter and find more exaggerations and falsehoods.

Mailbag: 'A farcical and quixotic quest for some holy grail of honesty'

Our readers let us know what they think of our recent fact-checks.

Is it a tax? Or is it a penalty?

We look at Mitt Romney's statement about the health care law and whether the individual mandate is a tax.

'Best health care delivery system in the world'? John Boehner thinks so

The House Speaker says we have the 'best health care delivery system' in the world. Some rankings are at odds with that, though.

Top 5 'Back to the Future' health care claims

Remember the summer of 2009? We sure do, and right now, we're feeling a lot of deja vu.

Fact-checking immigration

What do our many fact-checks on immigration, border security and the Dream Act say about the current debate?