Articles from March, 2012

Did Obama sign a controversial bill 'in secret'?

Civil libertarians on the right and left have raised concerns about a bill recently signed by President Obama that redefines Secret Service security zones. We explore whether Obama really signed the bill in secret.

Want to invoke our Lie of the Year? Get it right

PolitiFact’s 2011 Lie of the Year got some attention on the House floor Wednesday as lawmakers debated Rep. Paul Ryan's budget proposal. But several of them played fast and loose with our award-winner. Here's what we said — and didn't say — about changes to Medicare.

New feature compares PolitiFact report cards

We're unveiling a new feature that lets you compare the report cards for candidates and groups. Our first comparisons feature the presidential candidates and the Republican and Democratic parties.

Truth (and some stretching) on health care

For the two-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, we got a dose of health care claims from Republicans and Democrats. While the law is in the Supreme Court spotlight, we did some ruling of our own. (Turns out some claims were healthier than others.)

Winner announced in predict-our-10,000th contest

We invited readers to predict our 10,000th Truth-O-Meter item. The winning entries featured Donald Trump and (President) Ron Paul.

Switching sides on the individual mandate

As the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the health care law, we recall the flip-flops behind the debate. Some Republicans used to love it; Barack Obama was against it.

Everything you want to know about the health care law*

* But were afraid to ask. As the landmark Affordable Care Act turns 2, we review what's actually in the law. 

Gasoline price blame game: 2012 edition

Blaming the president for high gasoline prices is a time-honored tradition. Never mind the facts -- that demand in China and the strength of the dollar are causing price spikes -- it's easier to blame the White House.  

In Context: Romney aide's comments on the Etch A Sketch

Romney aide Eric Fehrnstrom stirred up a fuss with his Etch A Sketch metaphor about the campaign strategy for the general election. Here's the full exchange from his comments on CNN's Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien.

The flood of falsehoods about the health care law

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to review President Barack Obama's health care law, we review the falsehoods that simply won't stop.

RomneyCare & ObamaCare: Can you tell the difference?

To help you get ready for next week's Supreme Court arguments on the health care law, we will be publishing some helpful guides and summaries. For our first installment, we're re-publishing our fiendishly difficult quiz to see if you know the difference between RomneyCare and ObamaCare.

Fact-checking the Obama campaign film

The Obama campaign has released The Road We've Traveled, a 17-minute film directed by Davis Guggenheim that includes many claims about the president's accomplishments. Over the next few days, we'll be putting the film to the Truth-O-Meter.

Is the U.S. suffering an epidemic of rolling blackouts?

The nation's electrical grid faces long-term challenges. But have President Barack Obama's policies prompted widespread rolling blackouts?

Southern strategies

With attention focused on Tuesday's Alabama and Mississippi primaries, Romney, Santorum and Gingrich are making their final pitches.

Mailbag: The Mitt Romney edition

Our readers sound off about our recent coverage of the Republican primary frontrunner, Mitt Romney.

Mailbag: Catching up on reader complaints, comments

As winter slogs on, we check the contents of our reader mailbag.

On the Stump: Checking Santorum’s Knoxville speech

We put Rick Santorum claims from a speech last week near Knoxville, Tenn., to the Truth-O-Meter as part of our continuing series fact-checking the stump speeches of the presidential candidates.

In Context: Sandra Fluke on contraceptives and women's health

Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke told an unofficial hearing of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on Feb. 23, 2012, that the omission of contraceptive coverage by her Jesuit school created "financial, emotional and medical burdens" for students. Her comments caught the ear of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who called Fluke a slut and a prostitute demanding that taxpayers pay for her to have sex. You've probably heard Limbaugh's words (for which he later said he apologized) repeated plenty. Here's what Fluke said that ignited his ire.

Super Tuesday guide: Finding truth in the attacks

As 10 states prepare to vote on Super Tuesday, here’s PolitiFact’s guide to the multimillion-dollar ad blitz. With the field down to four Republican contenders, campaigns and super PACs are attacking their opponents with hot-button allegations about supporting Planned Parenthood, Obamacare and even Nancy Pelosi.

What we're watching: Ads in the runup to Super Tuesday

Whether on television or on the Internet, Republican presidential candidates are attacking each other in campaign ads. Some of the attacks are even true.