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Tracking governors' campaign promises

By Bill Adair
Published on Thursday, May 31st, 2012 at 12:00 p.m.

PolitiFact is known for the Truth-O-Meter, but we have other meters that hold politicians accountable for their campaign promises.

You're probably familiar with our Obameter, which tracks 508 promises that Barack Obama made in the 2008 campaign. We rate them Promise Kept, Broken, Compromise, In the Works and Stalled.

Our state partners use similar campaign promise meters on governors and mayors. They provide helpful report cards on how the elected officials are doing on their promises.

Some of the highlights:

Texas -- The Perry-O-Meter shows the progress that Gov. Rick Perry is making on his promises. It shows 34 percent Kept, 6 percent Compromise and 23 percent Broken.

Florida -- The Scott-O-Meter rates the promises of Gov. Rick Scott. He's got 33 percent Kept, 11 percent Compromise and 9 percent Broken.

Georgia -- The Deal-O-Meter, following Gov. Nathan Deal, shows 8 percent Kept and 27 percent In the Works.

Wisconsin -- The Walk-O-Meter, which tracks the promises of Gov. Scott Walker, is timely because of the recall election next month. It shows 34 percent Kept and 12 percent Broken.

Rhode Island -- The Linc-O-Meter rates the promises of Gov. Lincoln Chafee. It shows 32 percent Kept and 6 percent Broken.

Ohio -- The Kasich-O-Meter keeps track of the promises made by Gov. John Kasich, with 24 percent Kept and 52 percent still In the Works.

Oregon -- The Kitz-O-Meter follows Gov. John Kitzhaber's promises, with 9 percent Kept and 18 percent In the Works.

Virginia -- The Bob-O-Meter rates the promises of Gov. Bob McDonnell, with 16 percent Kept and 12 percent In the Works.

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