Articles from November, 2012

Obama's promise: reduce dependence on foreign oil

What could reduce American dependence on foreign oil? New mileage standards for cars.

Rating Obama's promises on cybersecurity

We look at Obama's campaign promise to require companies to disclose personal information data breaches.

Help us choose PolitiFact's Lie of the Year

We'll be choosing the Lie of the Year in the next few weeks. Send us your suggestions!

Mailbag: Post-election edition

A look at what our readers have been saying about our recent Truth-O-Meter and Obameter items.

PolitiFact's guide to Thanksgiving dinner

Find yourself sitting beside a relative who has sent you lots of chain e-mails? Here's our annual guide on what to say. Stash it under the green bean casserole until you need it.

Updating the Obameter and the GOP Pledge-O-Meter

We're updating our Obameter and GOP Pledge-O-Meter, which track the campaign promises of President Obama and the House Republicans.

The value of fact-checking in the 2012 campaign

Critics harrumph that fact-checking doesn't work because politicians keep lying. But politicians aren't our audience. Voters are.

PolitiFact's voter guide to our voter guides

We've done lots of guides to help you sort out the truth in the 2012 election. Here's a guide to them all.

Greatest hits of the 2012 presidential campaign

It's been a long road to Election Day. We review our most significant fact-checks along the way.

Has President Obama kept his campaign promises?

As a candidate in 2008, Barack Obama made 508 promises. We've been tracking them and rating them on our Obameter. Here's our latest tally.

Medicare 'cuts' and a talking point that won't die

If you've followed the campaign, you've heard a version of it: To pay for Obamacare, President Barack Obama would harm seniors by cutting $716 billion from Medicare. What started with obscure congressional debate and a few media mentions has now been repeated by dozens — maybe hundreds — of politicians.

Biggest falsehoods of the presidential campaign

The campaigns and the super PACs have kept the Truth-O-Meter busy. Here are six claims that pushed the needle into the red.