Articles from June, 2013

Fact-checking attacks on the immigration bill

A proposal to overhaul the nation's immigration law has drawn sharp attacks from critics. But not all of their charges are fully accurate.

A look back at our climate-change fact-checks

As President Barack Obama unveils a series of planned executive actions on climate change, we recap some of our many fact-checks on the issue.

What might the Supreme Court decide on same-sex marriage?

As the Supreme Court prepares to rule on two major same-sex marriage cases, we recap what's at stake and some of the possible outcomes.

How 'transparent' is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court?

President Obama told Charlie Rose that the court is "transparent." The facts tell a different story.

Fact-checking immigration

As the debate over immigration legislation continues, our fact-checks examine fertility, elections, the media and immigration history.

Go mobile with PolitiFact apps

Need to check the truth when you’re on the run? Pick one of our PolitiFact apps for mobile devices.

Do rapes result in fewer pregnancies than consensual intercourse? A review of the research

House debate on an abortion bill raised the issue of how often rapes result in pregnancy.

Is Obama spending 30 times more on climate change research than weather forecasting?

A freshman lawmaker said he’s ready to accept President Barack Obama’s "apology" for spending 30 times as much on climate-change research as on weather forecasting and warning. Are his numbers right?

'It's on page 107 of the health care bill!'

Chain emails about the health care law are zooming to an inbox near you. Are they accurate? Not so much.

Barack Obama on surveillance, then and now

With the recent revelations about National Security Agency surveillance of phone and Internet traffic, some are wondering how much President Barack Obama has reversed course since he was a presidential candidate. So we took a look back.

Were two-thirds of groups targeted by IRS not conservative?

PolitiFact Texas has checked a claim by an advocacy group that the IRS didn't primarily target conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. But the claim didn't hold up.

Mailbag: ‘I find your analysis quite flawed’

The political world has been focused on scandalmania in Washington. Our readers have, too.

Auditing the latest claims about the IRS

People are talking about the Internal Revenue Service and its targeting of tea party groups. We factcheck two recent statements.

In Context: the Wyden-Udall letters on government secrecy

Long before this week's revelations about the Obama administration's efforts to seek phone records,  the two Democratic senators warned that the administration was going too far.

Unpacking court packing

Republican lawmakers accuse President Barack Obama of trying to "pack" the court -- a phrase that invokes the 1937 proposal by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to increase the size of the Supreme Court by as many as five justices. Is there substance to the charge? We turned to American history in search of answers.

Digging deeper on gun background check legislation

Votes on gun background checks are being turned into TV ads around the country. We look more closely at the details behind the amendments fueling the debate.