Articles from March, 2013

Checking in on President Barack Obama's campaign promises

We monitor the latest actions on elections, guns and foreign policy.

Fact-checking Ted Cruz

The constitutional conservative from Texas has gotten a lot of attention since taking his seat in the U.S. Senate this year. But is he accurate?

It's Bloomberg vs. LaPierre on gun claims

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the NRA's Wayne LaPierre made back-to-back appearances this week on Meet the Press. We checked their facts.

As the Supreme Court takes up same-sex marriage cases, here's a primer

The Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8 are under fire from supporters of marriage equality. This week, the Supreme Court will hear both cases.

Wacky spending, even under the sequester?

We look at claims that the government still funds goofy projects like fantasy football and research on duck penises. But not all of these claims are accurate.

An urgent constitutional question: Can the government regulate toilet seats?

Yes, it's a funny talking point from the freshman firebrand Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. But it brings up real issues of constitutional powers.

Michele Bachmann is back -- and the meter is on fire

Rep. Michele Bachmann had a quiet year on the Truth-O-Meter in 2012. But she's returned with back-to-back Pants on Fires.

Fact-checking CPAC, the 'Woodstock for conservatives'

The Conservative Political Action Conference has become a prominent event for conservatives. We put the speeches to the Truth-O-Meter.

Highlighting the work of our competitors

Our "Beyond the Truth-O-Meter" feature highlights the work of, the Washington Post's FactChecker and many others. Check our home page every day to see what the other fact-checkers are writing.

Has government regulation slowed the recovery?

Politicians periodically argue that over-regulation has held back the nation’s economic recovery. We checked with economists to see how valid that argument is.

Mailbag: 'What are you? The kings of truth?'

In our first mailbag column of 2013, readers sound off about guns, the sequester and Abraham Lincoln's wrestling partner.

Fact-checking Rand Paul's fillibuster on drones

The 13-hour filibuster by the Kentucky senator and his allies focused attention on the Obama administration's policies on drone strikes. We check the facts.

Fact-checking the chief justice on voter turnout

In the oral argument for a voting rights case, Chief Justice John Roberts made some claims about states with the lowest African-American turnout. We put his claims to the Truth-O-Meter.

Do Obama and Democrats plan to fix the sequester?

John Boehner says they don't. We check the facts.