Articles from February, 2015

The fact-checks behind 'The Daily Show's' 50 Fox news 'lies'

The Daily Show posted a Vine Wednesday titled, "50 Fox News lies in 6 seconds." PunditFact and PolitiFact have fact-checked almost all of the statements they cited. See them all here.

Does new research say Ebola is airborne?

Critics put a months-old fact-check about Ebola back under the microscope last week after they said an article in a scholarly medical journal supported a claim made by George Will that Ebola had gone airborne. The lead author of the article tells us that's not true.

What John Legend said about slavery at the Oscars

While accepting an Oscar for a song from the movie "Selma" Sunday night, John Legend claimed that "there are more black men under correctional control today than were under slavery in 1850." PolitiFact Rhode Island fact-checked a nearly identical claim in December. It rates True. Why Obama won't label ISIS 'Islamic' extremists

PunditFact: Why Obama won't label ISIS 'Islamic extremists'

President Barack Obama describes ISIS, or the Islamic State, as violent extremists and not Islamic. What's the difference, and why are so many people arguing about the terror group's label? PunditFact examines the issue.

Barack Obama urges audience to 'do a fact-check.' We oblige

In a speech to the Democratic National Committee, President Barack Obama asked for more fact-checking. Here you go.

Mailbag: 'You gotta play fair'

Another installment of reader feedback about our fact-checks.

Without PunditFact, pundits stand uncorrected

"You get one little minutiae wrong, in a long drawn-out sentence," said ABC and CNN political commentator Donna Brazile, "and all of the sudden you become a verb, you get PunditFacted."

PolitiFact's 5 most-viewed fact checks from January

The State of the Union address -- and Joni Ernst's Republican response -- were some of the biggest draws in January for PolitiFact readers.

Fact-checking vaccines and measles

We look back at our recent fact-checks on the safety of vaccines and the danger of measles.    Jon Stewart’s epic rundown of PolitiFact’s fact-checks of Fox News Pundits react to Brian Williams news Coming soon: PolitiFact California

Jon Stewart’s epic rundown of PolitiFact’s fact-checks of Fox News

Jon Stewart says he’ll be stepping down as host of the The Daily Show later this year. We remember the time he admitted we got him on a fact-check. Then he turned the tables on Fox News.   PunditFact: Pundits react to Brian Williams news Coming soon: PolitiFact California  

Fact-checking the pundits: Pundits meet PunditFact

Pundits and the fact-checkers who question them collided Tuesday in Washington. Coming soon: PolitiFact California

Coming soon: PolitiFact California

We'll be partnering with Capital Public Radio to bring fact-checking journalism to California’s public radio airwaves and websites.

PunditFact fact-checks the Feb. 8 Sunday shows

A pundit claimed that countries in Africa "have higher vaccination rates than here in the United States." Is that right?

Rand Paul on 'walking, talking' children who end up with 'profound mental disorders after vaccines'

We take a look at the facts and evidence behind a recent statement by Sen. Rand Paul about children who "wound up with profound mental disorders" after vaccines.   PunditFact: Timeline of Brian Williams' statements on Iraqi helicopter attack What Barack Obama said about autism and vaccines in 2008

What Barack Obama said about autism and vaccines in 2008

In the wake of comments by Rand Paul and Chris Christie about whether to vaccinate children, attention has turned to footage from 2008 showing then-candidate Barack Obama seeming to raise similar concerns. But is he? We took a closer look.   PolitiFact Texas: Obama's call for a veterans hospital in the Rio Grande Valley

PunditFact fact-checks the Feb. 1 Sunday shows

Super Sunday brought talk about the spread of terrorists abroad and the spread of the measles back home.