Articles from July, 2016

What we know about Russia's role in the DNC email leak

The U.S. government has not yet publicly named the culprit behind the DNC hack. But there seems to be widespread agreement among cybersecurity experts and professionals that the attribution belongs to Russian intelligence actors.

The top 10 fact-checks at the RNC, DNC

Ten claims from Cleveland and Philadelphia that you'll want to read again.

The backstory of the Muslim soldier's dad who said Trump 'sacrificed nothing'

More about the Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq.

Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech, annotated

Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech, annotated.

Fact-checking Hillary Clinton's acceptance of the Democratic nomination

Fact-checking Hillary Clinton's acceptance of the Democratic nomination

All 227 Hillary Clinton fact-checks

Our many, many fact-checks of Hillary Clinton.

7 things Clinton might mention in her acceptance speech

We expect Hillary Clinton to emphasize how she would tackle the nation's problems, but along the way,  we see her serving up a mix of claims to bolster the case for her agenda, and tear down her Republican rival Donald Trump. Follow along and see how well we do.

Fact-checking the third night of the Democratic National Convention

Fact-checking POTUS, VPOTUS and Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine at DNC night three. 

Tim Kaine on PolitiFact's Truth-O-Meter

Hillary Clinton running mate Tim Kaine headlines DNC day three. 

Some readers unconvinced by our True rating for White House slave claim

Readers offered a variety of explanations why we were wrong to give  True rating to Michelle Obama's claim that slaves built the White House. 

Bill Clinton's DNC speech, annotated

Bill Clinton's DNC speech, annotated.

Fact-checking Bill Clinton on the second night of the Democratic convention

Fact-checking the second night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA. 

How Trump plans to build, and pay for, a wall along U.S.-Mexico border

Trump's proposal to build a border wall

Live fact-checking the DNC

PolitiFact is live fact-checking the Democratic National Convention.

Fact-checking Bernie Sanders and his 2016 campaign

In 103 fact-checks, Sanders has never earned a Pants on Fire rating

Fact-checking the first night of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia

Fact-checking the opening night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. 

Fact-checking Donald Trump's Tim Kaine attack on 'Meet the Press'

The presidential candidates criticize the other candidate's pick for vice president.

Compare the candidates: Clinton vs. Trump on the economy

On the economy, Hillary Clinton offers a lot of detail about what she would do as president. Donald Trump offers less, but hits a few issues hard. Here's a rundown of what each candidate says they would do if they win the White House.

Hillary Clinton's top 10 campaign promises

We dug through Clinton’s hefty platform and identified 10 campaign promises that we think best define her bid for the presidency.

Who were the victims of illegal immigrants Trump named at the RNC?

Republican nominee Donald Trump named several people allegedly killed by illegal immigrants. We took a closer look at the examples he mentioned. 

Fact-checking Donald Trump on the final night of the Republican convention

Fact-checking the fourth night of the Republican National Convention. 

Donald Trump's GOP acceptance speech, annotated

Donald Trump's GOP acceptance speech, annotated.

7 misleading statements Donald Trump may repeat in his convention speech

Trump will likely repeat attacks on Hillary Clinton and his own statements about immigration, refugees, security and the Middle East.

All 182 Donald Trump fact-checks

Trump has more statements rated Pants on Fire, 30, than the 21 other candidates for president we’ve fact-checked this cycle combined.

Did Ted Cruz pledge to back the Republican nominee?

In his speech at the Republican convention, Ted Cruz didn’t endorse Donald Trump. We look back at his statements about the party’s loyalty pledge

The third night of the 2016 Republican National Convention, fact-checked

Covering the third night of the Republican National Convention. 

Trump VP Mike Pence headlines day three of the Republican National Convention

Mike Pence, Indiana Gov. and Donald Trump's running mate, is slated to headline day three of the Republican National Convention. 

What Ben Carson said about Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky and Lucifer

We look at what Saul Alinsky said about Lucifer. 

Fact-checking the second night of the 2016 Republican National Convention

Republicans branded the second night of their national convention with an economic theme of "Make America Work Again," but most of the night’s speakers used their platform to accuse Hillary Clinton of being dishonest about Benghazi, her emails and even her own name.  

The 100 fact-checks of Chris Christie, primetime Tuesday speaker at RNC

We fact-checked the New Jersey governor long before he entered, and then left, the 2016 race.

PolitiFact Sheet: Hillary Clinton’s email controversy

PolitiFact has fact-checked claims about Hillary Clinton's email controversy since last year. Our PolitiFact Sheet will help you separate what’s real from what’s spin.

In context: Comparing the Melania Trump, Michelle Obama convention speeches

On the first night of the Republican National Convention, Melania Trump, the wife of Donald Trump, gave a well-received speech in which she talked about her upbringing in Slovenia and her respect for her husband.  

Melania Trump will be the first non-U.S. born first lady since?

In her speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Melania Trump told the crowd, "I was born in Slovenia. A small, beautiful, and then communist country in central Europe." As she told her personal story, we wondered about how unusual her birthplace would be for a first lady. As it turns out, only one first lady has been born outside the United States.

Fact-checking the first night of the 2016 Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention kicked off Monday in Cleveland with speakers focused on the theme "Make America Safe Again." 

Checking Patricia Smith's claims about Clinton and Benghazi

At the GOP convention, the mother of a Benghazi victim said Clinton lied about the attacks. We explore the facts.

Live blog: Fact-checking the 2016 RNC

PolitiFact live: The latest from Cleveland

Fact-checking the July 17 Sunday shows

GOP chairman Reince Priebus defended the platform of his party and presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump Sunday on the talk show circuit.

Compare the candidates: Clinton vs. Trump on immigration

We compare the candidates' positions on immigration. 

Donald Trump's top 10 campaign promises

We'll be tracking the next president's campaign promises. Here are the major promises we've identified from Donald Trump. 

Fact-checking Mike Pence, Donald Trump's VP pick

Donald Trump is expected to announce his vice-presidential nominee July 15, and many suspect Indiana Governor Mike Pence will get the nod. 

Fact-checking the July 10 Sunday shows

Politicians and pundits searched for answers Sunday following the police-involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota, and the deadly shooting in Dallas that killed five police officers.

PolitiFact annotates Barack Obama's statement on shootings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile

As part of PolitiFact's partnership with Medium, we annotated President Barack Obama's remarks from Poland on the police-involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota. 

Trump/Gingrich 2016?

The presumptive Republican nominee had some nice things to say about the 2012 presidential hopeful, TV pundit and former House speaker.

Fact-checking donations to the Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation raises millions from foreign governments and the mega-rich to do good work around the world. Republicans look at those donations and see endless opportunities to attack Hillary Clinton's integrity. The questions are inevitable, but so ar, resolving them - either way - is out of reach.

Was there a double standard on the investigations of David Petraeus and Hillary Clinton?

Clinton's emails, Petraeus's black books, and one of Trump's favorite analogies

17 times Donald Trump said one thing and then denied it

Donald Trump says he never, among other things, called women "fat pigs", promised to pay the legal fees of fans who punch protestors, referred to some Republicans as "losers", mocked a disabled reporter and said he had "the world's greatest memory." Except he did.

Donald Trump’s ‘Star of David’ tweet: a recap

For a story that broke over Fourth of July weekend, the controversy over an allegedly anti-Semitic image tweeted by Donald Trump attracted quite a lot of attention. In case you weren’t plugged in over the holiday weekend, here’s what you missed.

FBI investigation undermines Clinton email defense

FBI Director James Comey said the Justice Department should not prosecute Clinton, but he shared findings from the investigation that undermine part of the story Clinton has told for the past year.

Fact-checking the July 3 Sunday shows

Saturday’s news that Hillary Clinton spent more than three hours speaking with the FBI bled into the Sunday news shows, with Clinton again saying saying she did not send or receive material marked classified through the private email server she used while secretary of state.

Donald Trump cites Ronald Reagan as a protectionist hero. Was he?

In his speech in southwestern Pennsylvania attacking the United States' long record of free-trade agreements, Donald Trump invoked Ronald Reagan as an example of a president willing to impose tariffs to protect American industries. Reagan did -- but he also had a substantial free-trade record. We take a closer look.