Inside the Meter

We've deleted No. 183 on reviewing homeland security

During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised that his administration "will have the Department of Homeland Security complete a quadrennial review the same way the Pentagon does every four years. The review will be a comprehensive examination of the national homeland defense strategy, interagency cooperation, preparedness of federal response assets, infrastructure, budget plan, and other elements of the homeland defense program and policies of the United States with a view toward determining and expressing the homeland defense strategy of the United States and establishing a homeland defense program for the next 20 years."

It became Promise No. 183 in our Obameter database.

We've decided to remove this promise from our list because President George W. Bush actually set in motion the new Homeland Security quadrennial review when he signed the Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007 in August 2007.

Obama's Department of Homeland Security is indeed going ahead with preparations for the department's inaugural quadrennial review. But that task was already mandated by law before he took office, so it didn't seem right to us to count that as a Promise Kept. So we're removing Promise 183 from our database.