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Consider designations and namings of post offices and other federal buildings only one day each month

"Consider designations and namings of post offices and other federal buildings only one day each month."


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One exception, but a good record overall

Updated: Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 | By Angie Drobnic Holan

In the name of government efficiency, House Republicans promised during the 2010 campaign to consider designations of post offices and federal buildings only one day each month. 

So how are they doing? 

Pretty good. We reviewed the first nine months of their control of the House and found they have kept to their promise, for the most part.

The one exception: In July, they voted on two post office namings on the evening of July 29 and another two post office namings during the day on July 30. 

Those votes took place amidst a much more consequential debate over increasing the federal debt limit and finding major budget cuts to reduce spending. The post office namings happened while Republicans were lining up votes for the more important measures. You could argue it was good time management to get smaller matters done when larger matters need more time anyway.

At any rate, we're not going to ding the House Republicans over a half day on this promise when it has otherwise been kept, and certainly the spirit of the promise has been kept. We'll be watching over the coming months to see if anything changes. But so far, this one merits a rating of Promise Kept.


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