Aaron Sharockman is the executive director of PolitiFact. Aaron oversees PolitiFact’s operations, development and revenue, assists in our journalistic mission, manages our state partnerships and lead efforts to develop new products for PolitiFact users. He also helps coordinate some of our special products, including our debate coverage and presidential promise tracker. Aaron has been with PolitiFact since 2010 and served most recently as the editor of PunditFact, a website dedicated to checking claims by pundits, columnists, bloggers and the hosts and guests of talk shows. Aaron is a 2016-17 Reynolds Fellow at the University of Missouri and co-teaches a class on political fact-checking at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Aaron graduated from Indiana University. 

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Pants on Fire!

They're gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Pants on Fire!

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Pants on Fire!

A fabricated dig at the beleaguered airline

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