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Executive director

Aaron Sharockman is the executive director of PolitiFact. Aaron oversees PolitiFact’s operations, development and revenue, assists in our journalistic mission, manages our state partnerships and lead efforts to develop new products for PolitiFact users. He also helps coordinate some of our special products, including our debate coverage and our media appearances. Aaron has been with PolitiFact since 2010 and served most recently as the editor of PunditFact, a website dedicated to checking claims by pundits, columnists, bloggers and the hosts and guests of talk shows.


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Fact-checking the June 26 Sunday shows

Given that "What is the EU?" was a trending Google search after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, Americans rightly still had many questions about the Brexit vote Sunday.

Fact-checking Donald Trump's speech calling Hillary Clinton 'a world-class liar'

After Hillary Clinton warned that Donald Trump would wreck the economy, Trump hit back, blasting Clinton's judgement and character. We examine 27 of Trump's charges. 

Live from the 3rd global fact-checking conference

PolitiFact is joining more than 100 worldwide fact-checkers for two days of talks in Buenos Aires. Follow along.

Real or hoax? Massive gator spotted roaming golf course

If you’ve seen the viral video of a giant alligator strolling across a Florida golf course, then you’ve probably had the same reaction we did: Can that be real? We had some fun finding out.

Tuberculosis: A PolitiFact Sheet

Tuberculosis is second only to HIV/AIDS as the world's leading infectious disease threat. Nearly all the deaths are in low and middle-income countries and there's a growing risk from drug-resistant strains.

Fact-checking claims the Clintons stole $200k in furniture, china and artwork from White House

An old complaint about Hillary Clinton, stemming from her days as first lady, is making a comeback during her run for the presidency.

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John Oliver cites PolitiFact on Nevada convention on 'Last Week Tonight’

The comedy show educates its audience with humor on the convoluted way the major parties select nominees for president.

Fact-checking ‘Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight’

The YouTube video has been watched more than 7 million times since January. What does it get right? What does it get wrong?   Fact-checking claims about the Nevada convention chaos  

Malaria: A PolitiFact sheet

Malaria killed over 400,000 people last year -- most of them were children. President Barack Obama singled out this disease in his 2016 State of the Union Address, saying American leadership could make a huge difference.