Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Amy Hollyfield

Assistant Managing Editor/Politics, Tampa Bay Times

Amy Hollyfield is the Assistant Managing Editor/Politics for the Tampa Bay Times, overseeing state and national political coverage, including bureaus in Tallahassee and Washington, and PolitiFact, PunditFact and PolitiFact Florida. PolitiFact was awarded the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. Amy has worked at the Times for more than 15 years, after previous stints at the Miami Herald and Florida Today.

Email: ahollyfield@tampabay.com

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Some = Oprah

Pants on Fire!

It's just a banner used in folk-dancing

Mostly True

Study examines players from 1959 to 1988

Pants on Fire!

Nope, at least four of every five Americans did

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Chuck Todd debuted as the new host of Meet the Press, with an interview with President Barack Obama.