Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Lauren Carroll


Lauren Carroll is a reporter with the national staff of PolitiFact.

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Fact-checking the Nov. 23 shows

President Barack Obama returned to the Sunday shows two weeks after his last appearance to defend his recent executive action on immigration. GOP pundits decried his decision as opening "Pandora's box."

PunditFact fact-checks the Nov. 23 shows

President Barack Obama appeared on ABC "This Week" in an interview with host George Stephanopoulos to address and defend his recent executive actions on immigration. Elsewhere, GOP pundits offered criticisms of the move.

A closer look at the Keystone pipeline

The controversial Keystone XL pipeline is scheduled for a vote in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday evening. Given the focus, and potential to drag on into the new year, PolitiFact Georgia took a closer look at some of the claims surrounding the project.

PunditFact fact-checks the Nov. 16 Sunday shows

Talk centered around the Keystone XL pipeline. PunditFact fact-checked two claims.

PunditFact fact-checks the Nov. 16 news shows

Pundits debated the merits and the politics of the Keystone XL pipeline. Also: Fact-checking the TV networks.

What is net neutrality?

Net neutrality is back in the news -- following President Barack Obama’s Nov. 10 proposal for "the strongest possible rules to protect net neutrality."

McConnell and Boehner's goals for the 114th Congress

We take note of Republican leaders' goals so we can revisit them in 2016 and see what is accomplished, what falls apart, and where Republicans compromise.

Fact-checking Barack Obama's latest jobs claim

Obama claimed that the United States has created more jobs "than every other advanced economy combined since I came into office."

Fact-checking Barack Obama on the Nov. 9 Sunday shows

President Barack Obama gave a rare Sunday morning interview to CBS' "Face the Nation." 

Our top 5 fact-checks and reports for October 2014

We look back at last month’s most popular fact-checks and reports. Topics include Ebola, the Republican platform and Elizabeth Warren.