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Linda Qiu is a PolitiFact staff writer based in Washington. She has previously written for PunditFact, National Geographic, and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. She is a graduate of the University of Chicago.

Email: lqiu@tampabay.com

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Still a question without an answer

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We made a super chart of super PACs


“He could have said, ‘A bar of gold cost $1 million, so Daraprim is underpriced' "

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Rubio missed a third of votes

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Jeb gets the better part of fight with Trump

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PunditFact fact-checks the Oct. 4 Sunday shows

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump defended his recent call to send back Syrian refugees if elected president by saying they are mostly men whose backgrounds we don't know. George Stephanopoulos said half of the refugees are children. Who's right?

Fact-checking the Oct. 4 Sunday shows

An out-of-date statistic for guns sold without a background check is back in the conversation as pundits assess what could have been done to prevent the tragic community college shooting in Roseburg, Ore. Also, Donald Trump talks Syrian refugees.

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We sort out fact from fiction at the second presidential debate. Look back at our live blog of the debate.

Live fact-checking the second GOP presidential debate

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Jindal tries for GOP nod from back of the pack

Eleven of the 17 candidates vying for the Republican nomination for president will be on the main stage at the second debate Wednesday. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, trailing in the polls, won't be among them. As part of PolitiFact's ongoing series examining statesment from candidates on both sides of the aisle, today we look at claims made by Jindal, who will again appear in the "undercard" debate prior to the main event.

Fact-checking Donald Trump, Scott Walker on the Sept. 13 shows

Donald Trump tries to clarify his comments about Carly Fiorina's face, and Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis., says he alone signed legislation requiring external investigations of deaths in police custody.   • PolitiFact Florida: Factchecking Trump vs. Bush

Fact-checking the Sept. 13 shows

Several GOP candidates appeared on the Sunday shows ahead of Wednesday's GOP debate. We fact-check claims from Scott Walker and Donald Trump.

Bush’s boasting about Florida only tells half the story

The Republican presidential candidate is hoping his record as governor can sell his message to voters, but all of his claims need a little more context.

PolitiFact Sheet: 6 things to know about the Iran nuclear deal

The 159-page Iran nuclear deal may hinge on nuclear physics, but understanding the basics shouldn’t be rocket science. Here's what you need to know.