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In the "Obama economy ... the youth unemployment rate is double the unemployment rate for all Americans."

Under Republican economic policies, "the typical American family saw their incomes fall by about 6 percent."

"Bank of America could create 878,300 jobs with benefits if they spent their 2010 bonuses on job creation."

"The total unemployment rate for Hispanic or Latino workers has increased from 10% to 10.3%" between January 2009 and March 2012.  

"One out of two Americans … are living either in or near poverty. That means 150 million Americans, half of us."

"We've brought trade cases against China at nearly twice the rate as the last administration."

"By the time I finish this speech, two Americans will be slain, six women will be raped, 27 of us will be robbed, and 50 more will be beaten."

"The bulk of the people who are shot with a weapon — other than these drug gangs taking on one another — end up being shot with their own weapon."

The 30 percent tax rate called for under President Barack Obama’s proposed Buffett Rule "is lower than the prescribed tax rate for millionaires already -- not just for millionaires, for people making over $200,000."

"What president has the worst record on female labor force participation? Barack Obama."

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Mitt Romney's campaign has been attacking President Barack Obama for how the economy has treated key demographic groups. Each time the Romney campaign has used the same tactic: Hurling a blizzard of negative statistics in neatly organized graphics. How accurate are they?

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A statistic was twisted by a game of telephone in its journey from a coroporate annual report to a Facebook post.

PolitiFact and MTV team up for fantasy politics game

MTV will be using our Truth-O-Meter ratings to help power its new game, "Fantasy Politics '12."  Players will gain or lose points based on the ratings candidates earn from PolitiFact.

A shirtless Putin and Obama as secret agent

A funny ad from American Crossroads makes fun of President Obama's private comments to a Russian diplomat. We turn up on the volume on what Obama really said.

Fact-checking a pair of claims on crime

The killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., has driven politicians of all stripes to make claims about firearms and crime. Today, we look at two of them.

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Our latest installment in our In Context series putting controversial statements in their full context: what Democratic strategist and CNN political contributor Hilary Rosen said about Ann Romney's work experience.

Romney campaign blames Obama for women's economic distress

Romney ratchets up the rhetoric to blame the president. But we find two claims are Mostly False.

Fake 'Arizona border raid' a lie that won't die

A version of a chain email debunked two years ago makes fresh rounds — with a fresh date. "Why was there no news coverage of this raid on the Arizona border? ... Seizure was just five days ago. Right on the Arizona border!" Just five days ago? On the Arizona border? Nope.

The veep-stakes

With the question of who will be at the top of the Republican presidential ticket looking more and more settled, attention is turning to the No. 2 spot. Who will be the vice presidential pick?

Their eyes are on November

President Barack Obama and likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney used dueling speeches to newspaper executives to preview the general election campaign.

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