Neil Brown

Editor, Tampa Bay Times

Neil Brown is the editor and vice president of the Tampa Bay Times.


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2016 Lie of the Year: Fake news

PolitiFact's 2016 Lie of the Year is: fake news.

The Lie of the Year: Exaggerations about Ebola

The emergence of Ebola in the United States sparked a political and media frenzy, but many of the claims made were far from accurate. Collectively, they are PolitiFact's 2014 Lie of the Year.   Fact-checking Dick Cheney on the torture report

2014 Lie of the Year: Exaggerations about Ebola

We heard claims that Ebola was easy to catch, that illegal immigrants may be carrying the virus across the southern border and that it was all part of a government or corporate conspiracy. Those claims, and others, collectively earn our Lie of the Year for 2014. View the results of the 2014 Readers' Poll Read all our fact-checks about Ebola PunditFact editor Aaron Sharockman discusses the Lie of the Year

5 questions about PolitiFact and PunditFact's Lie of the Year

We'll announce our Lie of the Year "winner" next week. Here, we answer five frequently asked questions.    A look back at previous years' winners

3 takeaways from the 2014 Global Fact-checking Summit

Countries and politics differ, but the value of fact-checking crosses borders, says PolitiFact Editor Angie Drobnic Holan.

5 ‘essential understandings’ of the fact-checking movement

PolitiFact journalists recently attended the Global Fact-checking Summit, held June 9-10 in London. Neil Brown, editor of the Tampa Bay Times -- the Florida newspaper that owns PolitiFact -- delivered the keynote address.

Coming soon: We aim our fact-checking at the pundits

In today’s news media environment, there is great pressure to be first, to be provocative and to be popular. PunditFact will launch next month to fact-check claims by media figures and rate them on our Truth-O-Meter.

PolitiFact to launch PunditFact, checking pundits and media figures

PunditFact will be dedicated to fact-checking claims by pundits, columnists, bloggers and the hosts and guests of talk shows.

You can handle the truth

Neil Brown, editor of the Tampa Bay Times, says the recent controversy over fact-checking is all about power.

No sanctuary from exaggeration

Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney tussled over "sanctuary cities" for illegal immigrants at the CNN/YouTube debate. But their attacks exaggerate the effects of municipal policies on immigration.