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"Our unemployment rate has been higher than 8 percent for more than two-and-a-half years, far above what the Obama Administration promised with the 'stimulus.' "

"Our government has spent $2.6 million to teach Chinese prostitutes how to drink responsibly."

"The deficit was on track to top $1 trillion the year I took office."

"President Reagan did it (raised the debt ceiling) 18 times.  George W. Bush did it seven times."

Says a quote at the top of the redesigned website for the Department of Justice comes from a socialist who wanted to impose global common law.

Says that when President Bill Clinton raised the top tax rates to levels now proposed by Obama, the country experienced significant job growth.

"We have provided at least 16 tax cuts to small businesses."

"Forty percent of the Fortune 500 were started either by immigrants or children of immigrants."

"My husband and I have never gotten a penny of money from the farm."

"What I have done -- and this is unprecedented ... is I've said to each agency ... 'look at regulations that are already on the books and if they don't make sense, let's get rid of them.'"  

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