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Democrats' budget resolution would raise America's tax bill by "$500-billion."

"Obama's liberal fiscal agenda: Over $874-billion in new spending."

"When we've got CEOs making more in 10 minutes than ordinary workers are making in a year ... then something is wrong."

"8 years of the Clintons, major losses for Democrats across the nation."

Says he was the only Republican candidate at a prior debate who said lower-income workers were being hurt by the economy.

"The fact is it's not amnesty."

"I don't describe your plan as amnesty in my ad. I don't call it amnesty."

"You said you would vote against the Patriot Act, then you came to the Senate, you voted for it."

"Well, you know, the Teamsters wanted to drill in Alaska. I voted against drilling in Alaska. So it's not like I'm a slam dunk on every issue."

He received "A" ratings from "every conservative organization that gives ratings."

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