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"Obama's Justice-designate Sotomayor threw out (the New Haven firefighters') lawsuit in a sneaky, unsigned opinion -- the judicial equivalent of 'talk to the hand.'"

"Sen. Obama's campaign announced that he's choosing his cabinet."

If the U.S. stops adding to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, it "will lessen worldwide demand for oil" and reduce prices.

The United States is "seeing greater income inequality now than any time since the 1920s."

"One man sacrificed for his country. One man opposed a flawed strategy in Iraq. One man had the courage to call for change. One man didn't play politics with the truth. One man stands up to the special interests."

"Thanks to President Bush's policies....The income gap is now higher than at any time since the Great Depression."

"Productivity has risen 18 percent ...yet wages have stayed flat... There are 5-million more people in poverty here in our country than there were in 2000."

"I'm proud to have had a 100 percent pro-life voting record."

"So what sort of services does Romney's health care plan provide? Per the state Web site: $50 co-pay for abortions."

"Gov. Romney's own health care plan in Massachusetts ... requires by law that a representative from Planned Parenthood sit on the MassHealth advisory board."

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He's consistently voted against giving the feds authority in state matters — even when it opposes conservative ideals.

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