Statements from July, 2010 that PolitiFact National reviewed

When Obama went to Pakistan in 1981, he could not have been traveling as a U.S. citizen.

A transcript released by Occidental College proves that Barack Obama was an Indonesian citizen.

Justice Antonin Scalia agreed for the Supreme Court to hear a case about whether Barack Obama is eligible to be President.

"Tim Pawlenty has cut education funding in Minnesota. Classrooms are overcrowded. Districts have gone to four-day school weeks."

"I don't think the argument can be credibly made that the United States of America is undertaxed compared to our competitors."

The president's budget "would take ... non-defense spending to its lowest level ... as a percentage of the economy since JFK."

Over the last 10 years, incomes for the top 1 percent "have grown." Meanwhile, the bottom half of the country, "they've seen their wages stagnate."

"25 percent of our economy is the financial sector."

The Latino unemployment rate is higher than the white rate and the black rate is higher than the Latino rate.

People in the top tax bracket, "these so-called wealthy, most of them are small-business owners."

"For every dollar we put in unemployment, it pays back about $1.60."

"We've seen six months of positive job growth by the private sector."

Shirley Sherrod "was forced to resign before anybody on Fox said a word about this."

"Jane Norton supported the largest tax hike in Colorado history."

The "state bureaucracy" Jane Norton managed "grew by $43 million in just three years."

"Ken Buck's (District Attorney's) office? His spending skyrocketed by 40 percent."

In New Mexico, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Diane Denish "spent federal stimulus funds on campaign Christmas cards."

"Attorney General Eric Holder is involved in the dismissal of the criminal charges" against the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation  

"Of all the illegals in America, more than half come through Arizona."

"Recent data showed Nevada ranks 50th in the money received from" the stimulus bill.

Democrats in the 1930s wanted President Franklin Roosevelt "to be more conservative."

Obama's dog has his "own plane"

"Should Democrats get their way, every income tax bracket will increase on Jan. 1, 2011. Every single one."

"Sixty percent of the Hispanics" support the Arizona immigration law

"I never called for a partition" of Iraq.

"The health care numbers are going up."

"We're not engaged in nation-building" in Afghanistan.

Russ Feingold "voted against the law that protected our lakes" and "was the only Great Lakes senator to vote no."

As a Congressman, J.D. Hayworth was an avid earmarker who supported such pork as "$220,000 to renovate a Maine Blueberry farm" and "$5.8 million for a Vermont snowmobile trail."

The Obama administration will give Pennsylvania $160 million to pay for health insurance plans that cover "any legal abortion."

"We had 2 percent of the global market (for advanced batteries) when he (Obama) started. We now have 16 percent, headed to 40 percent by 2015."

"We went from losing 3 million jobs in the last six months of the Bush Administration," adding almost 600,000 private sector jobs in the first six months of the year.

"We're spending $1 trillion a year on our foreign policy."

"Most" of the Bush tax cuts went to people "in the top 3 percent of this country."

Under President George W. Bush, the U.S. had "52 months of ... uninterrupted job creation" and "revenues were at an all-time high in 2007."

Republicans extended unemployment insurance under President Bush "when he asked to extend unemployment insurance."

On whether BP's $20 billion fund to compensate oil spill victims is "a slush fund."

Says that President Obama said if Congress passed the economic stimulus bill, "we would have unemployment at 8 percent and no higher. And it went higher."

"Forty percent of the undocumented workers in this country" entered the U.S. legally and "overstayed their visa."

"The top 1 percent pay over half of the entire revenue for this country."

The U.S. "only ranks 25th worldwide on defense spending as a percentage of GDP."

"We spend three times more on entitlements and debt services than we do on defense."

"Subsidies for oil and gas companies make up 88 percent of all federal subsidies. Just cutting the oil and gas subsidies out would save the U.S. government $45 billion every year."

"At his father's bank, Alexi made tens of millions in risky loans to convicted mobsters. Then, the bank collapsed."

"He (Kirk) did violate Pentagon rules, twice actually, for improperly mingling politics with his military service."

"Alexi Giannoulias' top aide was a longtime BP lobbyist."

"Law enforcement in the state of Arizona supports" the state's new immigration law.

As a senator, Barack Obama supported "an amendment that basically gutted the legal temporary worker program."

"There are mechanisms in place to shut down the Internet privately."

Japan's "interest on its own debt" is "25 percent of its national budget"

"President Barack Obama has deported more people in his first year in office than George W. Bush in his last year in office."

John McCain "began his career in Washington as a lobbyist when he was appointed in 1976 as the Navy's liaison to the United States Senate."

"Today, we have more boots on the ground near the Southwest border than at any time in our history."

On the use of presidentially appointed commissions.

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