Statements about Education

"Our high school graduation rate is the highest on record."

Says "by 4th grade, 86 percent of African-American boys and 82 percent (of) Hispanic boys are reading below proficiency levels."

"Over half of the young people" in medical, dental and law schools are women.

School children can earn higher grades by studying Islam under a new "nationwide Muslim outreach program" announced by President Barack Obama.

"By the time she turns 3 years old, a child born into a low-income home hears 30 million fewer words than a child from a well-off family."

Says the Obama administration is handing out a pamphlet titled, "What To Do When The Veteran In Your Classroom Attempts A Mass Shooting"

The book Little Red Riding Hood is something "that’s been banned in America," but not assault weapons.

"Three years after getting the $100 million (from Mark Zuckerberg), less than two-thirds of students in Cory Booker's Newark graduate."

"Over half" of science, technology, engineering and mathematics students "receiving advanced degrees are not citizens of the United States of America."

"There are literally teachers now who are getting pink slips" because of sequestration.

Says Mitt Romney’s plan makes "catastrophic cuts to education."

Says Romney wants to "take away early childhood education, slash K-12 funding, and cut college aid … to pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires."

"In Romney's first budget (in Massachusetts), he cut $248.7 million from K-12 education."

Massachusetts schools "are ranked No. 1 of all 50 states."

College tuition "costs have risen by 25 percent under the Democrats."

"Fifty percent of kids coming out of school can't get a job."

Says President Barack Obama "gives students the right to repay (federal) loans as a clear, fixed, low percentage of their income for up to 20 years."

"In Massachusetts, Gov. Romney narrowed the gap between students of different races."

"Mitt Romney says class sizes don’t matter."

"When I was governor, not only did test scores improve – we also narrowed the achievement gap."

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