Statements about New Hampshire 2012

"You can hire lots of bureaucrats.  That’s what the president’s done.  He’s added 135,000 people to the government workforce."

Says President Barack Obama "is a socialist."

The EPA was asked about an environmental citation for the city landfill in Nashua, N.H. but "didn’t know" why it was cited.

Says President Barack Obama has opened up no new trade relationships with other nations.

Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan provides "pretty much" the same coverage that members of Congress receive.

Says the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction proposal went from President Barack Obama's desk to "the garbage can."

"We're only inches away from no longer being a free economy."

"I delivered a flat tax for my state. I took my state to No. 1 in job creation. With all due respect to what Rick Perry has said about Texas, we did a little bit better."

Eliminating "Obamacare" ... "saves $95 billion a year."

Says he "helped save" the Olympic games.

"Santorum also voted for a teapot museum in North Carolina."

"Fifty percent of Speaker Gingrich’s tax plan goes to the top 1 percent."

Says Freddie Mac, electric co-ops and credit unions are all "government sponsored" enterprises.

"Traditionally, presidential candidates release their tax returns . . . Mitt Romney still won’t."

"The Obama administration just issued instructions that terrorism training should not involve any reference to Islam."

"You look at defense … we're spending more than the rest of the world combined."

"The Fed created $15 trillion in the bailout process" and $5 trillion went overseas.

"We have more natural gas in this country than Saudi Arabia has oil."

Says he followed state law and the precedent of other Massachusetts governors when he erased electronic communications as he left office.

The balanced-budget amendment once came within one vote of passing Congress but was defeated because of the no vote from a top Senate Republican, and Rick Santorum says he "stood up and called for him to resign his chairmanship."

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