Articles from April, 2011

Setting the record straight on Will Rogers...

Contrary to Rogers' sentiment, truth and politics are not always polar concepts. Four of the last five statements we’ve fact checked out have been rated True.

`Pants on Fire' and other greetings from readers

"Enough of the Truth-o-Meter!!!" one reader emailed. "We get it already. If it's a bad thing said by or about a Republican, then it's the truth. If it's a bad thing said about a Democrat then it's a lie. We get it already." Conversely, a liberal blog accused us of going easy on Republicans,

Senate race puts Truth-O-Meter in late-October mode

The Truth-O-Meter and the Flop-O-Meter went into late-October mode last week when former Gov. Tim Kaine announced he would run for the seat being vacated by fellow Democrat Jim Webb. Republican George Allen did not take it lightly.

Will McDonnell keep campaign pledge on bipartisan redistricting?

McDonnell pledged to establish a bipartisan citizens’ commission to draw election maps. He appointed the 11-member panel in January and it has drawn electoral maps with an eye toward compact districts, not partisan concerns. But Tucker Martin, McDonnell’s director of communications, last week distanced the administration from from the panel. He said "the recommendations of the commission are theirs alone; they are not recommendations of the governor."