Articles from January, 2013

When it comes to voting, Virginia is early to rise and early to bed

Virginia polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.  The Old Dominion is among 20 states with a 13-hour voting window. Only seven state have a longer voting day.  

McDonnell didn't promise to win battles with the General Assembly

So far, we’ve assessed the governor’s follow through on 39 campaign pledges and have rated 18 of them as a Promise Kept. One reason for good marks is that McDonnell often qualified his promises that required cooperation from the General Assembly.

Tracking McDonnell's campaign promises

The Bob-O-Meter tracks 48 promises that Gov. Bob McDonnell made during his 2009 gubernatorial campaign. Of the 38 that so far have been rated, we've found that nearly half -- 17 -- have been fulfilled and earned a Promise Kept. Three were judged to be a Promise Broken. The rest of the pledges have either resulted in Compromise, been Stalled by events or are rated In the Works as McDonnell begins his last year in office.