Articles from October, 2013

Did Cuccinelli almost ruin the state's recruitment of Northrop Grumman?

As attorney general in 2010, Republican Ken Cuccinelli issued an opinion that Virginia colleges could not protect gay employees and students from discrimination. That action, Democrats say, almost caused Northrop Grumman cancel plans to move its corporate headquarters to Virginia.  PolitiFact Virginia took a look at the story, which has become an issue in this fall's gubernatorial election.    

A quick look at the final Cuccinelli-McAuliffe debate

The gubernatorial candidates threw a few familiar punches. Here's a review of some of their claims:

Ten questions about the debt ceiling

Confused about what the debt ceiling is? As the government hurtles toward a possible default, here is an FAQ by PolitiFact's national staff about the debt ceiling and why it's important to every American.

McAuliffe, Cuccinelli recycling dubious claims

Here's a look at some of the candidates' recurrent claims: