Statements from the Virginia: 2012 U.S. Senate -- Virginia's race

"As governor, I cut $5 billion in spending."

"(Stimulus money) went to critically important projects like studying ants in Africa."

On subsidies for ethanol production.

"President Obama and liberal former DNC Chairman Tim Kaine’s $787 billion stimulus failed to create jobs."

"The tax on job creating businesses is 35 percent in the United States, second worst in the entire world."

"We are number one in the world when it comes to energy resources. ... The Russians are second; Saudi Arabia is number three." 

Says he's signed a pledge not to raise taxes four times.

"No one thought we could get a bipartisan bill (Medicaid) passed. We did in the Florida Senate."

On whether judges should be allowed to place children with gay couples who wish to adopt.

"750 days since Bill Nelson & the Democrats in the Senate passed a budget. How can this be justified?"

"Gas prices have gone up $2 since Obama took office."

" 'Scary' fact about our national debt. In 1791 it was $75 million. Today, it rises by that amount in about an hour."

George Allen "had 40,000 earmarks" while he was a senator.

"(George) LeMieux never requested a single earmark and pushed to ban them all."

"(Bill) Nelson voted for billions in wasteful spending earmarks like the Bridge to Nowhere."

Virginia ranked near the bottom of the nation 50 years ago in per capita income but is in the top 10 today. It had a "very low" rate of higher education attainment but is now above the national average.

"I’ve been through four campaigns and have not done any negative campaigning."  

In a lawsuit between private citizens, a Florida judge "announced the decision was going to be based on Islamic Law."

Tim Kaine broke a campaign promise not to raise taxes.

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