Statements from the Virginia: 2012 U.S. Senate -- Virginia's race

Tim Kaine proposed "over $6 billion in tax increases from the time he entered the governor’s mansion until the time he left."

George Allen voted to add $3 trillion to the federal debt, voted to raise the debt ceiling four times and voted for the No Child Left Behind Act while he was a senator.

Virginia was named "best managed state, best state for business and best state to raise a child" while I was governor. 

On running for Senate if Jim Webb retires.

The stimulus bill "promised to keep unemployment under 8%."

"The American people have endured 21 consecutive months of 9% or higher unemployment [and] 2.6 million jobs have been lost," since the stimulus bill was signed.

"Senator Webb was a reliable vote for President Obama and Senator Harry Reid."

Federal Reserve policies have led to a 69 percent rise in corn prices, 44 percent rise in wheat prices and 15 percent spike in sugar prices over the last year.

George Allen voted for budgets that increased the national debt by $16,400 for every second he served in the U.S. Senate.

Sen. Jim Webb "persists on negating" Sen. Mark Warner’s votes 

President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi passed a "$1.2 trillion stimulus bill."

The debt is "nearly $6 trillion more than when President Obama was sworn into office."

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