Statements from the Virginia: 2012 U.S. Senate's race

Tim Kaine "reduced higher education funding by 25 percent when he was governor, driving up tuition..."

Says he "cut taxes by more than $600 million" when he was governor.

"As Virginia’s governor, Allen cut spending and waste with bipartisan support."

The cost of a gas tank fill-up has risen $30 since Barack Obama became president.  

"I was one of about a dozen (senators) who voted against the Bridge to Nowhere."

George Allen cast "the deciding vote" for the 2003 Bush tax cuts.

The national debt increased $16,000 every second George Allen served in the U.S. Senate.

The United States "is number one in the world in energy resources; Russia is number two."  

Stimulus money went to "office upgrades for politicians."

George Allen's flat tax "plan would actually shrink revenues further than the Perry (flat tax) plan."

On George Allen's U.S. senate candidacy.

Takes credit for "reining in" state spending when he was governor.

Takes credit for "substantially reducing the size of the state workforce."

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