Monday, March 30th, 2015

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Seek options to lower or replace local business taxes

"McAuliffe will work in a bipartisan way with the legislature and with stakeholders in both the business community and local government to find agreement on revenue-neutral solutions to give localities the option to reduce or eliminate the burdensome BPOL, Merchant's Capital tax, and Machinery and Tool tax."

Empower chief jobs creation officer

"Terry will empower the chief jobs creation officer to be a single point of contact and authority for all incentive and business acquisition or growth activity."

Increase investment tax credit

“Terry McAuliffe proposes … increasing the current limit on investment tax credits for commercialization. The current limit of $5 million dollars … should be increased by an amount between $1 million to $2.5 million depending on budget conditions, with the increase specifically targeted to biotechnology and biomedical companies.”

Create biotechnology startup loans

"Terry McAuliffe proposes … creation of the Virginia Biotech Startup Program. Designed to supply critically needed startup funds to entrepreneurs, inventors, or scientists hoping to prepare an idea to attract private capital, this program would receive an initial capitalization of between 2.5 and 5 million dollars (depending on budget conditions) and would then be replenished as loans are repaid."

Restore the K-12 Standards of Quality

"Restoring the Standards of Quality and fully funding them. In recent years, economic hardship forced our leaders in Richmond to look for budget balancing strategies that led them to undermine the standards of quality, our curriculum, and standards for school services. It's time to restore those standards and make sure our schools have the tools they need to get the job done."

Establish a task force to ease teacher workloads

Establish a “task force to reduce administrative and non-instructional workload for teachers. By reducing the time teachers spend on doing something other than teaching or preparing to teach, we increase the time they spend focused on education."


Create a lockbox for transportation funds

Create "a transportation lockbox. Funds that support our transportations system – and by extension, our economy – must be protected. 


Seek equal pay for women

Women "make 78 cents for every $1 a man makes for the same job. When I'm governor, you work the same job, you’re going to get paid the same."


Preserve 400,000 acres of open space

“I pledge to preserve at least 400,000 acres of open space over the next four years."


Pay out gas royalties to landowners

"I will make it a priority to ensure that the millions of dollars in gas royalties currently sitting in escrow are paid out to the landowners who are owed that money."


Promote government diversity

"I promise you that I will have the most diverse government in Virginia history. My cabinet will be diverse racially, but also as it relates to bipartisan."