Statements we say are Mostly False

"The Government Accountability Office estimated (Obamacare) will add to the long-term deficit by $6.2 trillion."

Says 70,000 children "have lost their Head Start slots" because of the sequester.

The U.S. Army had a training program that put "evangelical Christians, Catholics and Mormons in the same category of religious extremism as we do al-Qaida."

Abortion coverage is a standard insurance benefit "in nearly 90 percent of private plans sold in the U.S."

"Over the last 20 years, the world has changed. It used to be that one could make a career out of working for one company. Today, the average worker stays at his or her job for barely four years."

"The brutal fact is, when it comes to education, America is slipping" behind other nations.

"The tax burden on Virginia families was lower under Tim Kaine than under George Allen."

Eric Cantor "took $5 million from Sheldon Adelson," a Las Vegas casino owner.

"When Tim Kaine was governor, spending soared, blowing holes in the budget every year."

The state government workforce grew when Tim Kaine was governor.

Tim Kaine supported "higher energy costs for families."

Because of the health care act, "The people who have health care and like it in this county are not going to be able to keep what they have."

Tim Kaine "made Virginia the best state for business four years in a row."

Prince William County "has cut violent crime in half" since instituting a crackdown on illegal immigration.

The CBO says the cost of health care reform will rise to $1.8 trillion, "increasing the price to far greater than the $900 billion" originally projected. 

"And the revenue generated by drilling off Virginia’s coast? $40 million over 10 years."

Says Obama has "doubled the stock market from where we started when he was sworn into office"

President Obama's "budget would call for about $25 trillion in debt by the end of his term, if he was re-elected."

President Obama pushed through the stimulus "based on the promise of keeping unemployment under 8 percent."

Says Gov. Bob McDonnell's budget would cut pre-kindergarten programs. 

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