Statements we say are Mostly False

Stimulus money went to "office upgrades for politicians."

(Rep. Bob Goodlatte's) balanced budget amendment does not require a balanced budget.

Under Ryan plan, "those 54 and younger would receive the same kind of healthcare options now enjoyed by members of Congress."

"Under Gov. Rick Perry’s leadership [Texas] has created more jobs over the last decade than the rest of the states combined."

"Gerry Connolly and his fellow Democrats went on a spending spree and now their credit card is maxed out."

The U.S. has "over $62 trillion in unfunded liabilities."

Tim Kaine broke a campaign promise not to raise taxes.

A cap-and-trade bill would "destroy over 50,000 jobs in Virginia."

"When I took office last year we faced historic budget deficits of $6 billion here in Virginia.  And we closed those deficits by cutting spending."

"Originally, Democrats promised that if you liked your health care plan, you could keep it. One year later we know that you need a waiver to keep your plan."

"Not even expensive bottled water, like Perrier and Evian, are of good enough quality to pump out of mines in Southwest Virginia, according to the EPA regulation."

The stimulus bill "promised to keep unemployment under 8%."

Road construction bids "are coming in at the lowest in the modern era." 

The war in Iraq was a major factor in blowing "the top off the price of oil." 

"Overall we currently have $981 million, almost a billion dollars in active development projects right here in the City of Richmond."

Federal Reserve policies have led to a 69 percent rise in corn prices, 44 percent rise in wheat prices and 15 percent spike in sugar prices over the last year.

"The New START treaty was passed despite significant concerns among some people in the State and Defense Departments."

"It is estimated that every $100 million spent on construction generates 3,000 new jobs."

Letting the Bush tax cuts expire would raise taxes on small businesses.

$65 million from ABC privatization will not pay for "even an overpass in Tysons Corner."

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