Statements we say are False

In Virginia "there has been a billion dollars in surplus over the last three years. The legislature has spent less than 1 percent of that on roads."

"One-third of the gasoline is purchased by out-of-state people" in Virginia

Says Virginia economic development officials "decided they didn’t want to bid on" his company's electric automobile plant.

"Repealing and replacing Obamacare – that’s going to save $1 trillion over a 10-year period."

"Tim Kaine announced he wants to raise taxes on everyone."

"This year, Eric Cantor has received more money from oil companies than any other member of Congress."

The Obama administration is "unwinding our nation’s welfare-to-work requirements."

President Obama's health care law is "a government takeover of healthcare."  

Tim Kaine urged "$500 billion in Medicare cuts."

Virginia "is home to more veterans per capita than any state in America."

Homosexual behavior "cuts your life by about 20 years."

 The U.S. economy is "recovering slower than Europe "

"On most things except witch trials, Virginia will always have been first."

Maryland is "creating jobs at 2 ½ times the rate that Virginia is."

"You're supposed to throw away your shoes" if mercury from a broken CFL light bulb gets on them.

"A cashier earning $20,000 per year pays the same (Virginia) income tax rate as a hedge fund manager earning $20 million per year."

Gov. McDonnell's proposed budget "is cutting" public education. 

Says proposal to boost teacher pension fund "puts no mandate on local government."

George Allen cast "the deciding vote" for the 2003 Bush tax cuts.

"Our federal government has lent $2 billion to the state-owned oil company of Brazil to allow them to explore for oil and gas."  

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