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"Since 1999, all Virginia Lottery profits have been used for public education in the Commonwealth for kindergarten through 12th grade." 

"We’ve now gained private sector jobs 12 months in a row."

Under former President George W. Bush’s administration "while the population in that period grew by 10 percent, the number of jobs in the nation grew by 1 percent."

The military has spent $500 million enforcing the "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" policy regarding gays and lesbians in the military. 

The tax-cut deal "adds more than $800 billion to the deficit over two years -- more than the cost of TARP and more than the cost of the Recovery Act" and about the same as health care reform.

The Bush-era tax cuts failed to increase employment and "work-force participation fell in 2001 and has never returned to the record level set in 2000."  

Republicans "created a trillion dollar prescription drug entitlement program without paying for it." 

"We’ve been able to create about 60,000 net new jobs" in Virginia since February.

$65 billion "would be added to the deficit if we keep the cuts for people on the highest incomes."

Has created 60,000 net new jobs since taking office.

Republican plan to extend Bush tax cuts "would double deficit projections going forward for the next couple of decades."

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